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"We cannot do everything at once, but we can do something at once."
           ~ Calvin Coolidge

Welcome and thank you for your interest! The Alaska Home Educators Alliance, (AHEA) is a developing alliance uniting Alaskan homeschoolers who choose to partner with public schools (Affiliated Homeschoolers),those who have remained independent of public schools (Independent Homeschoolers), and includes Alaskans who support their dedication. Our long term mission is to promote an understanding of the benefits of home education alternatives in Alaska, and to serve as a clearinghouse for information pertaining to both affiliated and independent homeschoolers.

Why AHEA? Why now? To promote home education choices for families: independent, in-district affiliated and statewide affiliated with public schools.

The initial cause was inequity between in-district and statewide correspondence programs. This past year, through the efforts of many homeschoolers and administrators who work with homeschoolers, statewide correspondence (homeschool) programs were able to see some relief in the area of use of allotment funds for music, art and P.E.; however, the same regulations that promise some relief to statewide families are imposing regulations never before required of in-district correspondence and homeschool-charter programs.

The current Department of Education and Early Development's (the DEED's) interpretation of long standing regulations in regards to privately-purchased curricula that are aligned to state standards and the Deputy AG memo to Senator Dyson and Senator Lyda Green on Sept. 20, 2005 continues to be a concern and a reason to unite all supporters of home education and speak up for common issues.

Your neighbors and your legislators need to understand the importance of choice in resource availability, curricular materials (both privately-purchased and state-fundable) and methodology, as well as the value of parental commitment. Each child deserves a fair chance at a good education. We truly believe that one size does not fit all .....and no child should be left behind!

Please join us as a concerned homeschooler!
Read the Introductory Letter from the AHEA Board


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