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Our Mission Statement: (Still in development process)

The mission of the Alaska Home Educators Alliance, AHEA, is to unify Alaskan homeschoolers who choose to partner with public schools (Affiliated Homeschoolers), as well as those who support their dedication. Our mission includes promoting an understanding of the benefits of home education alternatives in Alaska and serving as a clearing house for information pertaining to both Affiliated and Independent homeschoolers.


  1. Raise awareness -

    • Initially we will work to draw people together to develop a list of common concerns and a format for the organization of AHEA.

      • Develop the domain www.affiliatedhomeschoolers.org

      • Arrange for as many local meetings & teleconferences as possible to provide opportunities for affiliated homeschoolers to gather and share thoughts...

  2. AHEA will work respectfully with the DEED and all school district programs for home educators.

  3. Implement ideas and goals through the court system, State Legislature, the DEED, as well as state-wide and local school district programs.

    • Initially, to encourage our Alaska legislature to provide a law or laws that will respect the rights and needs of homeschoolers in Alaska.

      • To educate using curricular materials of their choice (including privately-purchased materials that are aligned to state standards)

      • That the parent be recognized as the primary educator of the student

    • Secondarily, to encourage our DEED to allow the affiliated school districts to determine:

      • Coverage by allotment of assessments (CAT, Learning Styles Inventory)

      • % of funding for art, music, and P.E. and funding of a family pass based on each child's learning plan needs.

    • To work for Legislative and the DEED's as well as Community understanding of the effectiveness of the parent educator.

    • Arrange (with Affiliated Homeschooler's permission of course) to be a clearing house of information on the affiliated homeschooler.

      • Statistics on grades & scholarships

      • Community service

      • Graduate follow up

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