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Dear Homeschoolers or Friends of Homeschoolers:

Never has there been a better opportunity for homeschool families to weigh-in on matters important to us. You may have participated in the Governor's call-in we organized in December. However, in spite of the efforts of a courageous few in the legislature, homeschool families did not successfully win back ground lost over the last few years.

In response, we've prepared a questionnaire and mailed it to all candidates running for state office in Alaska (view the questionnaire here). The questions cover a range of topics important to all homeschool families - affiliated or independent. We hope you will review the responses before you vote in August and November. The results are available to anyone who requests them, free of charge.

Why are we doing this? We are a group of homeschool parents and advisors from all over the state who have come to realize that no single program can stand up for our interests. We have formed the Alaska Home Educators Alliance (AHEA) to educate key players about issues and ideas intended to protect and improve the homeschool environment. We believe everyone should know what a fine job you are doing as home educators, that one size does not fit all and that Article 7 of the Alaska Constitution means just what it says.

If you are interested in joining our effort, follow www.AHEAnow.org (formerly affiliatedhomeschoolers.org) for more information. Even if you are not interested in joining at this time - please bookmark our home page, take a sneak peak at our new website coming soon and check-in often for the latest news about homeschool policy in Alaska.

Thank you for your time!
The AHEA Board

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