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Re: Alaska government studies through campaign service!

My family has really enjoyed actively participating in the process of electing our state and local leaders as part of our Alaska studies. My young ones loved to wave signs especially if I brought along their favorite music. Even the young ones enjoy supporting a good cause! We held our own contest and judged which candidate had the best sign. We made our own signs and wrote out our opinions on the issues. As your kids get older and are interested in the issues more they absorb so much just by being in different environments where election activities take place such as walking door to door in groups to put out literature, following a particular issue or issues by helping candidates in an office with whatever skills your students have, going to a candidate's campaign headquarters on election night and going to election central even just to sit and observe. It is a great time to meet everyone you hear about or see in the news. We enjoy watching the behind the scenes of the three different news stations interviewing the candidates on television and seeing all of the radio stations lined up with interviews as well.

I had heard a lot of good things from home schoolers who have been volunteering on political campaigns and in other areas involving the voting process such as Youth Vote, etc. It's incredible what these kids (and us parents) can learn by being actively engaged in the process!

Numerous candidates for public office are asking for home schoolers to help out with the following -

  • At the office-data input, maybe some telephone (adult or mature high school or college age might work here)

  • For someone who can drive-run errands, deliver signs ( a good one for a parent with curious school age helpers just to see what a campaign does)

  • -Door to door to meet residents asking them to vote for candidates and hand out literature.

  • Events- families who are attending events are needed to carry a sign and literature asking people to vote for candidates.

  • Sign waving on election day

Anyone who is interested in getting some hands-on learning experience, exercise, and a chance to get to know a possible future legislator contact me as soon as possible for a list of opportunities.

Lee Ann Hamerski


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