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Glen Biegel and his wife Christina, parents to 7 children, have homeschooled since 1995. Glen holds a degree from UAA in Computer Science. He has had an active role in education reform in Alaska over the past decade. He has participated as a board member or as a founding member in Alaskans for Education Choice, Family Partnership Charter School Founding Member and Parent Advisory Committee, Alaska Charter School Association, and Alaska Home Educators Alliance.

Glen is a strong advocate of public school improvement in a process he calls 'alignment.' He believes that if parents are intent on their children learning, if children go to school to learn, if teachers go to school to teach, if administrators will do what is necessary to allow teachers to teach, and if business is establishing the level of competence that is required of the graduate, then our education system will not persist in being unsuccessful.

John Clum
and his wife Lori have four children ranging in age from 5 to 13, all of whom are homeschooled. John recently completed a 21 year career in the US Air Force, and has begun a second career with a local bank. It was while stationed in Germany with the Air Force that the family began homeschooling—their rotation cycle typically had them transferring duty stations in the middle of the school year. In addition to his primary duties as a meteorologist, John also worked extensively at developing and administering training programs. Additionally, he serves as a deacon in a local church. Lori studied pre-school education in college and, in addition to homeschooling their own children, has several years of practical experience teaching Sunday school to children of various ages.

Annie Dougherty, her husband Dennis, and sons John and Daniel are all strong advocates of home schooling. In addition to teaching her own boys, Annie is a certified teacher, serving home school families across the state. She has been a long time advocate of parental rights and involvement in the education of their children, even during her 15 years as a classroom teacher.

Lee Ann Hamerski has been homeschooling in Anchorage for 15 years, 7 of which have included homeschooling special needs both intellectual and physical. She is involved nationally with NATHHAN (NATional cHallenged Homeschoolers Associated Network). Lee Ann believes children should be acitvely engaged in their community and learn best by doing no matter what their ability level. Lee Ann has headed up homeschooling support groups, 4-H and Special Olympics Parnters Clubs and is the state representative for the National Junior Horticulture Association http://www.njha.org/.

Kristin Lee Hamerski graduated from the Interior Distance Education of Alaska (IDEA) a year early and has been homeschooled all her life. She is a University of Alaska Anchorage Honors Student with a 4.0 GPA, on The National Deans List (top 1% of US college students), the Chancellor’s List and is a member of the Golden Key International Honor Society. Kristin has won many academic awards such as the President’s Academic Achievement Award and the Jr. High School Botany Division of the Alaska State Science Fair placing 1st for the State nationally. At 16 Kristin was appointed to Lieutenant Governor Loren Leman's Faith-Based and Community Initiatives Task Force and with over 6,000 hours of volunteer service she has been honored to receive the First Lady's Award. Kristin is a Conference of Young Alaskans Delegate and a columnist for Practical Homeschooling Magazine. http://www.home-school.com

Mrs. Sally Javier lives in Anchorage and homeschooled her three children (both independently and with a state-wide correspondence school). She petitioned legislators for approval of Alaska’s independent homeschool law in the mid 90’s. For eight years, Sally has advocated for, inspired and supported homeschoolers in the state. Sally loves to research homeschool curricula and was the developer of the state-wide homeschool curriculum fairs. She is 100% committed to a respectful partnership of homeschoolers and the public education system. She believes every child is different; therefore, one size does not fit all!

Mrs. Debbie Joslin resides in Delta Junction, Alaska with her husband and their four children. She is a full-time homemaker and home schooling mom. Mrs. Joslin is the former National Committeewoman for Alaska on the Republican National Committee and she sat on the Republican Party of Alaska Central and Executive Committees for eight years and served two years on the Alaska State Medical Board as a public member. Debbie Joslin is also the President of Eagle Forum Alaska and the Alaska Eagle Forum Educational Foundation.

Nels Tomlinson's involvement with homeschooling began as a child in Alaska, when his parents homeschooled him from second grade through high school. Nels has spent enough time in college to earn two degrees, and has found that his home education was excellent preparation for college, work and life. His involvement in homeschooling continues today, as he and his wife homeschool their three children.

Mrs. Susan Nymeyer has been homeschooling for 19 years. She has been a Home School Group Leader in both California and Arizona. She is currently home schooling the younger three of her six children in Kodiak, Alaska. Susan's motivation for homeschooling was born out of a desire to be the main influence in her children's lives and to be able to allow them to learn at their own pace and in a way that suited each child's own style. Today, Susan's desire includes encouraging other home schooling families and sharing methods, organization and curriculum ideas.

Mrs. Jennifer Howard lives on Elmendorf AFB in Anchorage with her husband and 5 children. Jennifer is a full time homemaker and homeschooling mom. She has been homeschooling for 6 years now. Jennifer is a concerned parent who became involved with AHEA because she wants to do what she can to ensure her freedom to educate her children as she sees fit continues on.

Bios coming soon for: Peter Kott Jr., Pat Shier, Ben Shier, Brigitte Youngblood, Roben Shreeve and Barb Heinrichs.

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